Luxury villas for rent in Northern Portugal

Luxury villas for rent in Northern Portugal

Rent luxury villa in the north of Portugal
Amarantevillas has beautiful and luxury villas for rent in the north of Portugal (Minho region). The north of Portugal has so much to offer. But for many people this region is still unknown. That is precisely what makes the north of Portugal so attractive to many people. The villas in the north of Portugal are of very good quality and often very luxurious. The region is traditionally the rich part in Portugal. You can also find the most churches, castles, cathedrals and other historical buildings here.

The people here are very friendly. People don't know what's in a hurry. The food is one of the most important aspects of life and the quality of the food is good. Close to the coast, in places such as Viana do Castelo, Esposende, Caminha, etc you can buy very fresh fish or eat in a restaurant. But beware, order only half a portion, because otherwise you have too much! The costs for eating in a restaurant are much lower than in the Algarve or near Lisbon. So enjoy!

Minho regio Portugal     
(Minho = region in the far north west of Portugal, against Spain)

Luxury holiday villas with private swimming pool in the north of Portugal
Amarantevillas also offers luxury villas with a private swimming pool. The quality of the villas is excellent. All villas have a private swimming pool and offer privacy. In the north of Portugal, the summer lasts from the beginning of June to the end of September. But also in April, May and October, life is very good in the Minho region. Many of the pools here have an electric pool cover which is safe for the small children.

Minho regio 
(The location of the most famous places in the Minho)

The famous places in the Minho are Viana do Castelo, Braga, Ponte de LIma, Caminha and Valenca. You can ask our expert team for advice about the villa and the region. Our team specializes in villas in Portugal and will visit and inspect the villas very frequently. They are happy to help you make the right choice. Of course you are also free to relax and look for the best options yourself. You can add the villa (s) of your preference to your favorites and quietly compare the villas. If you would like personal advice, please call 0031- (0) 87 784 2913 (€ 0.80 p / m) or send an e-mail to