About Amarante

Amarante Villas
Amarante villas specializes in the rental of luxury villas in Portugal. Especially the Algarve, the region of Lisbon (coast) and the north of Portugal (above Porto). All villas feature a private pool and meet minimum quality standards.

The Founding
Amarante Villas was born from a dream. A dream not necessarily to be the biggest provider of vacation villas, but to be the best. In the beginning, we developed a number of different destinations. We started with Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Greece.

We were quickly successful across all areas, but our heart has always been in Portugal. For this reason, for many years we have kept a strong focus on villas in Portugal (over 400 villas). Because of our focus on Portugal, we can offer better service and quality. We want to focus 100% on quality and customer satisfaction.

We also believe it is important to guarantee quality. Therefore all villas, whether in the North of Portugal or the Algarve meet the same minimum requirements. We reach clear agreements with owners about all aspects of their villas, including maintenance; and check the agreements are being carried out. We only take on villas of high quality, so giving our customers the highest sense of satisfaction. We can also arrange services that optimise the ease and enjoyment of your vacation: local chefs to cook at your villas; car rental, wine tasting and many other services. 

Our team
Amarante has grown into a mature organization. We have people (often friends) working for us in all important areas, who visit villa owners; make contracts, carry out quality checks; assist customers at check in and support them during their stay. Also our sales team is knowledgeable and visits the villas and the areas in which they are situated, keeping a close connection with all people connected with them. 

What can you expect from Amarante Villas in the future? We will continue on the same path. Service, quality and customer satisfaction remain extremely important. Because of our large network we are able to respond quickly and accurately; and maintain the highest standards. It started with a dream and the dream continues. Improvement is always possible. We aim for the best!


Arvid and Nelleke Evers
(founders and owners of Amarante Villas)