Amarante Villas is able to offer you many different extra services to make sure you have a holiday to remember, or to be of your convenience. From car rental to chef at your villa, from ballooning over the beautiful Le Marche region to hiking with a local guide, or a culinairy tour, from rental bikes to a airport transfer to your villa, we can arange everything for you. 

Below we give you a peak of the things we can arrange, to give you an idea of the possibilities. The services are briefly explained, when you would like to have  more information about a certain service, please contact us via e-mail:

Chef at the villa Chef service 
 Lovely and tasteful meals with fresh produce will be prepared by a local chef in a traditional  style, during your stay in the villa. This service is possible in Portugal as well as in Italy. The  prices vary from € 10,- / € 20,- per hour plus the costs of the groceries in Portugal to € 25,- / €  60,- per person in Italy, depending on the chef and the menu chosen. At booking a chef, you  can tell us your wishes about the food, if anyone has allergies or if vegetarians are in your  group.We strongly advise to book the chef service early, due to availaility during the summer.
Wine tasting Wine tasting
 Taste the great Chianti wines in Tuscany, overlooking the rolling hills covered with vineyards  around your villa. Many well known wineries are located in the Tuscan Chianti Area and around  Florence. In Portugal is the Port wine very well known and loved, this is produced in the north  of Portugal, around Porto. The prices for the wine tasting vary in the different areas, but start  around € 35,- per person.

Rental bikes Rental bikes
 Exploring your holiday destination on your rental bikes, a quick visit to the beach or the marina,  or biking through the hills during the day. All is possible during your holiday. We can arrange  rental bikes for all ages, childseats or helmets, everything you need for your tour. We can  provide a proferssional guide for long tours as well, ask our staff about the possibilities in your  area!

Scooters Rental scooters
 Umbria and Tuscany are great areas to discover on a scooter or real Italy style on a Vespa!
 It's also a great transportation in the busy Lisbon or crowded Rome, even touring along the  coast in the sunny Algarve, a relaxt way of transportation during your holiday! We advice you  to book a scooter rental as early as possible, especially during the summer months, the Vespa  is a loved scooter in Italy and only limited available.  

Airport transfer Transfers
 Book your transfer at Amarante Villas, you will arrive quick and save at your villa, avoiding the  long waiting queus for the taxis at the airport. The driver will wait for you in the arrivals area and  takes you and your lugguage to the villa in no time. For more information about the prices and a  specific offer for your transfer, please ask our staff.
 If you rahter rent your own car, click here! 

Cooking class Cooking class
 Always wanted to make your own Italian pasta? Or to make a traditional Portugese Catapala?  This is your chance, take 1 or more cooking classes during your stay in Italy or Portugal en  learn from the local chefs! After the cooking class, it's time to taste what you have made.
 The possibilities vary from a half day course to a multiple days course. Price indication: € 100,-  per half day. Ask our staff about the possibilities! 

Douro river Douro trip
 Get to know the Douro river by boat, along the trip you get to taste the beautiful wines form this  area, while you have an amazing view over the hills around you. The boat follows the winding  river and shows you the most beautiful places only visible from the water. Of course only  possible in Portugal. 

Ballooning Ballooning in Le Marche
 A breath taking experience: ballooning! A 45 minute - 90 minute trip over the beautiful scenery  in Le Marche. The experienced pilot will show you the beautiful spots during the trip, lots of  opportunity to make amazing pictures from above. After a save landing, a glass of champagne  will be ready for you, as good tradition offers. After the flight, you will be taken back to the  starting point by the crew. Prices from € 250,- per person, for a group of 3 - 17 persons.