Villa Rentals Portugal

Villa Rentals Portugal

Villa Rentals Portugal 
Amarantevillas is specialized in rental villas in Portugal. Portugal is one of the best destinations for a holiday. We offer luxury rental villas in whole Portugal, but the main destinations we have are: The Algarve, Lisbon area and the North of Portugal. (from Porto to the border of Spain). In our opinion these 3 destinations are far the best to rent a villa. We will explain you why we have chosen these 3 main destinations in Portugal. 

Rent a Luxury Villa in the south of Portugal 
The first destination in Portugal is the Algarve. This is very understandable, because the (west) Algarve have so many things to offer. The Algarve is offering the most sun hours in the whole of Europe. The weather is very nice and friendly. The season starts already from the beginning of April till the end of October. Also the beaches are very, very nice. Nice sandy beaches with a nice sea. The cliffs are spectacular. The south of Portugal is perfect for families with children, golfers, groups of friends & sunlovers.  

Villa Rentals near Lisbon and the coast
Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and very authentic. When you have rented a villa in this area, we really recommend to spend one or two days in Lisbon city. But also the area around Lisbon is really beautiful. To the west you can find very nice villages like: Sintra, Cascais & Estoril. The area of Sintra is full of nature and culture. Old castles and ruines and big forrests. Cascais & Estoril are more modern and offering touristic attractions like restaurants, bars, marina, casino and lots of other intrested facilities. 
The south of Lisbon is a little bit more quiet and is very nice. We have beautiful villas at Aroeiro golf resort, Sesimbra, Aldeia do Meco, Quinta do Peru and the peninsula Troia. The beaches are very nice and many possiblities to surf. The Lisbon coast is very nice for people who wants to enjoy the sun and beaches, but also like to have some culture.  

Villas with private pool in the North of Portugal
The North of Portugal is one of the most beautiful destinations of Portugal. Unspoilt and very kind people. This area looks a bit like Tuscany in Italy 30 years ago. The quality of the villas in the North of Portugal is amazing and much better than everybody is expecting. The quality of the structures is "old fashioned" and the people are very helpful. The food in the restaurants is very high quality and also cheap. The nature is green, nice beaches and lovely villages. This area is offering the best!

Why we are not renting villas in Alentejo, the middle of Portugal and Silver coast? To be honest, we don't want that people are disappointed. We are not really recommend these locations. If you want to have a nice holiday, book a villa in the Algarve, in the Lisbon area or in the North of Portugal. 

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